Pig Candy aka Candied Bacon

There’s not many ways to improve a piece of delicious bacon, but I know one way that is sure fire every time.  I’m talking about Pig Candy.  Pig candy is basically sugar coated bacon cooked on a smoker.  It’s a simple technique that is guaranteed to drive your friends and family bacon-crazy.

Here’s all you need:

  • 3lb of Thick Sliced Smoked Bacon (Wright brand is what I use)
  • ½ Cup Brown Sugar
  • ¼ Cup Bbq Rub (The BBQ Rub. of course)
  • ½ tea Cayenne Pepper

I use a cookie sheet and a full size cooling rack to make clean up easy.  Just cover the cookie sheet with aluminum foil, sit the rack on the sheet, and spray the cooling rack with cooking spray. The mess won’t be bad at all and it keeps your smoker clean too.

Combine the Brown Sugar, Rub, and Cayenne in a bowl and pour into a shaker bottle. Lay the strips of bacon out on the wire cooling rack and dust each side with a generous amount of the sugary mixture.  I go extra heavy.

Fire up the cooker to 350 degrees and place the pan on the center rack.  The total cook time is about 45 min – 1 hour.  Flip each piece of bacon over half way through the process.  The sugar mixture caramelizes over the bacon and gives it a sticky, candy coating.  The bacon strips should be bendable not crispy.  After they cool for 30 minutes, it will harden a little.  Just leave it on the wire racks and leave it alone…..if you can.  The first rack always disappears at my house before it has time to cool.

About Malcolm (the Author)

For over a decade now Malcom Reed has been competing in barbecue competitions... and it didn't take long for this hobby to develop into a full-blown addiction. After being inspired by the comradery and brotherhood of the sport, Malcom developed HowToBBQRight.com, a website devoted to sharing BBQ techniques and promoting the Competition BBQ Lifestyle. Through his cooking team, The Killer Hogs, and his barbecue business, Malcom is a constant student of 'Que... and his goal is to and his goal is to share his knowledge and passion with everyone.