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How To Avoid Stings This Summer

Summertime is Funtime! So it’s also a good time to think about those uninvited guests that sometimes try to spoil the party: Stinging and biting insects. Here are a few of our favorite tips to keep the bees away and to help prevent stings during Summer:

Never drink from an unattended soda or beer can.

  • “Bee” Hospitable: Believe it or not, the same sweet, delicious smells of foods that you enjoy are also very appealing to unwanted guests of the stinging variety. Put out a small paper plate of whatever you’re serving well away from the area you’ll be entertaining in about an hour before your human guests eat (preferably with something sweet, like BBQ sauce or pieces of fruit). Once the bees discover this snack away from the crowd of swatting arms, they will be less likely buzz around your feast, and will instead be happy to enjoy theirs quietly.
  • “Bee” On the Look Out: Before entertaining outdoors, be sure to check the area for possible nests. To prevent yellow jacket and bee infestations near where you entertain, keep holes and entry spaces in wood decks and siding caulked. Each nest can grow to more than 2,000 insects.
  • “Bee” Vigilant: Be sure to keep any food and drink containers outdoors tightly closed to avoid giving off an inviting scent. Use cups with lids when serving sugared drinks, such as soda, iced tea or lemonade. Never drink from an unattended soda or beer can, as bees sometimes venture inside when left unattended. Straws are a good option when drinking from cans.
  • “Bee” Smart: Avoid using perfume/cologne, scented hairsprays, scented deodorants, or scented candles other than citronella when outdoors.
  • “Bee” Prepared: If bees do invade your space, try not to swing at them or harm them. That will only invite a sting! Just in case, be prepared for stings by always keeping Sting-Kill on hand to relieve the itch and pain of stings fast.
  • Pro Tip: If you get stung, carefully scrape the stinger from your skin. Don’t squeeze it to remove it or else more bee venom will enter the body from the stinger. Then apply Sting-Kill for immediate pain and itch relief.


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