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Sting-Kill Is Coyote Peterson’s Go-To Sting Reliever

With more than 16 million YouTube followers, Brave Wilderness adventurer Coyote Peterson has built a reputation getting stung and bitten by some of the most painful creatures around the globe! Coyote has been stung more times on camera than anyone else in the world, and he does it so we can learn about the impact these bites and stings have on the human body (while keeping our safe distance behind our keyboards, of course!).

When Coyote Peterson enters the “Sting Zone,” what does he use to relieve the pain and itch of stings and bites? Sting-Kill! See this video from 2018 where he shares how he relies on Sting-Kill as his secret antidote for stings. (We want this secret to get out!)

Although Coyote uses Sting-Kill for his serious stings, he is a professional and has medical staff on hand in case something goes wrong. DO NOT try to be like Coyote and get stung on purpose. While Sting-Kill has the power to provide instant relief from the pain and itch that follows a sting or bite, it’s best to avoid being stung at all.

If you do encounter a bee sting while outdoors this summer, keep Sting-Kill at the ready to instantly relieve the pain and itch. Providing fast pain relief and itch-stopping power for bee stings, insect bites, jellyfish stings and mosquitoes, Sting-Kill’s dual-action medicine has been trusted for 45 years (and by Coyote!).

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