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Watch Adventurist Coyote Peterson Get Stung By Yellow Jackets

If you haven’t seen the video where Coyote Peterson – the online adventurist with more than 16 million followers! – intentionally gets stung by a yellow jacket, you’re missing out! Intrigued? Everyone is! The video has racked up over 38 million views since it first debuted in 2017!

Remember, just because warmer weather winds down in the Fall, that yellow jackets are slowing down. If anything, they become more aggressive in the autumn months – eek. (Read more about how and why yellow jackets are more aggressive in the Fall.) But no matter the season, it’s smart to watch out for these aggressive stingers.

Coyote Peterson makes it his mission to get stung by some of the most painful creatures out there. If Sting-Kill is good enough for him, that’s saying something!

Check out Coyote’s crazy antics and watch him soothe his pain with Sting-Kill:

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