What Happens To Bees In The Winer?


Have you ever wondered what happens to bees in the winter?

Well right now bees are just trying to stay warm – just like us! When the temperature drops into the 50s, all the bees head back home to their hive to spend the winter. They huddle together and form what is called a “winter cluster”.

The only thing bees focus on this time of year is taking care of their queen bee. They keep her fed and keep her nice and toasty warm. But it’s no vacation in the hive because our friends the bees stay in constant motion to keep the hive close to 80 degrees inside!

This is why bees need so much honey! Bees depend on the honey for energy. Some studies have even found that one honeybee hive will use up to 30 pounds of honey during the winter months!

When the weather starts to warm – and grass and native plants begin to flower – bees will remerge to begin collecting pollen to make their honey all over again.


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