Why Bees Love Fall

Bees Love Fall!

Have you noticed more bees and wasps around now that the seasons are starting to change?

There is a reason!

Bee Love Fall

Fall is really important for honeybees because they are starting to prepare for winter. During the late summer and early fall bees are always working to collect enough food to sustain themselves and their entire colony throughout the cold winer.

This is why you’ve noticed an increased number of bees in your yard, at the park and around your tailgate… bees are in “food-gathering mode” working hard to prepare for the colder months ahead.

While we usually asocciate bees (and bee stings) with spring and summer, you are just as likely – or even more likely – to get stung by a bee in the fall.

Make sure you always have Sting-Kill while you are enjoying the fall weather – Don’t let a bee sting ruin your fun!


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