Pellet Smokin’

I’ve been experimenting with a new kind of smoker….well it’s not really new, but for a charcoal and wood man, it’s a little different. I’m talking about a pellet smoker.

For those of you that don’t know, a pellet smoker is a cooker that runs off of compressed wood “pellets”. This type of grill has been around for a while, but now days I’m seeing more and more of them at BBQ competitions.

How a pellet grill works is pretty simple. They all have a hopper that holds pellets. In the bottom of the hopper is an auger that moves the pellets slowly into the fire box. This is where they are burnt which produces heat and smoke for cooking.

The whole cooker is ran by a built in control panel that is basically the brains of the smoker. Starting the cooker is as simple as flipping a switch and pressing start. It immediately begins to drop pellets into the fire box where a heating probe starts the fire. There’s no messing with a flame, lighter gel, or anything else. The cooker does the work for you.

Low and slow cooking is what most people think about when talking bbq but a pellet smoker has a much wider range than that.  The Yoder that I’ve been practicing with can cook anywhere from 150-600 degrees .  It can cold smoke salmon and bake pizza.  That’s versatility!
If you’re in the market for a new smoker, take a look at pellet smokers.  There’s no worrying with charcoal, wood, or open flames; just about anything can be cooked on a pellet cooker, and they’re simple to operate and clean. If you can use the kitchen oven , then you can use a pellet smoker!

About Malcolm (the Author)

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