Types of Wood for Smoking:

Real BBQ flavor is developed by cooking meat low and slow using wood smoke. There’s a lot of different wood out there that can be used for smoking, but for me, a few varieties come to mind.

1. Hickory: Hickory is the wood of choice by true Southern Pit Masters. This hardwood gives meat a rich, smoky flavor profile that’s great with pork or beef. Large cuts of meat absorb the hickory smoke and develop a beautiful, mahogany bark on the exterior.

2.Cherry: Cherry is my go to wood for smoking. I use it on just about everything. Cherry smoke gives meat a mild, sweet flavor profile, and you don’t have to worry about over powering the bark with too much smoke.
3. Apple: Is the mildest of fruit woods. Apple is great for poultry and other thin cuts like ribs. The sweet smoke brings just enough flavor that you know the meat has been smoked, but it doesn’t take center stage. If you want a hint of sweet, smoky flavor use apple wood.

4. Peach: When you’re looking for a distinct flavor profile, use peach wood. This wood creates a unique flavor on pork or poultry, and when used in combination with Hickory, really stands out.

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