Download our BBQ without the Buzzkill recipe book!

Team Sting-Kill was so blown away by all of the recipes we received during our BBQ without the Buzzkill contest that we wanted to share a bunch of our favorites with you all, as our way of saying “thanks for entering”! We created a BBQ without the Buzzkill recipe book – and it’s available for download today! Just click over to our Facebook page and download it right there!

BBQ Bologna


Don’t let the name fool you. Some people are a little hesitant to try this stuff, but I promise you it’s a real crowd please and not just in the South! BBQ Bologna is probably the easiest meat you can possibly cook on a smoker.  This recipe is done with a smaller chunk of bologna versus the traditional “whole stick” that we do at events.  It’s scaled down, so that anyone at home can easily throw a chunk on the pit. There’s really no wrong way to make BBQ bologna.  I like to score the outside in a diamond shape …

Malcom’s St. Louis Spare Ribs


St. Louis Spare Ribs The St. Louis cut ribs are simply spare ribs with the brisket bone removed.  They come from the belly section of the hog, so they contain a little more fat than loin ribs… but everyone knows that fat = flavor.  You can buy the entire slab of spare ribs and trim it into St. Louis cut ribs at home, but you can also find them pre-trimmed at most grocery stores. Once out of the package there’s a little work that needs to be done.  Flip the ribs over and trim off the flap of meat right …