Why Bees Love Fall

Bee Love Fall

Bees Love Fall! Have you noticed more bees and wasps around now that the seasons are starting to change? There is a reason! Fall is really important for honeybees because they are starting to prepare for winter. During the late summer and early fall bees are always working to collect enough food to sustain themselves and their entire colony throughout the cold winer. This is why you’ve noticed an increased number of bees in your yard, at the park and around your tailgate… bees are in “food-gathering mode” working hard to prepare for the colder months ahead. While we usually …

Top 10 Tips for Hosting the Perfect Tailgate

perfect tailgate

Top 10 Tips for Hosting the Perfect Tailgate Label Drink Coolers Make it super easy for all your guests to find the right drinks – and keep everyone out of your meat cooler. Always pack Sting-Kill There is nothing quite like a bee, wasp or ant sting to ruin a great tailgate. Kill the sting instantly with Sting-Kill Freeze Water Bottles Frozen water bottles work perfectly to keep coolers cold. Plus, you will have cold water to drink at the end of the day. Prep Everything at Home Patty burgers, chop onions, skewer kabobs, slice tomatoes, etc.… do it at …

Are You A Mosquito Magnet?

Mosquito bites

Are You A Mosquito Magnet? Find out why mosquitos are more attracted to some people – and what you can do about it! And don’t forget that Sting-Kill works on Mosquito bites too!

5 Most Important Ways To Keep Kids Safe At The Beach

Kids Safe At Beach

5 Most Important Ways To Keep Kids Safe At The Beach 1. A Jellyfish Sting can ruin your day at the beach. That’s why you should always have Sting-Kill in your beach bag. Sting-Kill works to kill the sting of Jellyfish and save you and your kids a lot of needless pain. When traveling to the beach, Sting-Kill is as important as sunscreen! 2. Baby Powder makes it really easy to remove sand from hands, feet… whatever! Just sprinkle some baby powder on and wipe all the sand away. 3. Pick a spot close to the lifeguard. Most accidents occur …

How To Pack The Perfect Cooler


This summer, when you plan your picnics and fun, outdoor activities… you first need to start with a perfectly packed cooler! Use this simple diagram to make the most out of your cooler space and ensure all your drinks and food stay cool, fresh (and don’t get squished)!

10 Top Tips to Keep Kids Safe in the Backyard!

10 Top Tips to Keep Kids Safe in the Backyard!

Add Cinnamon to the Sandbox Most bugs hate cinnamon. By adding cinnamon to your sandbox will keep it bug-free this summer! Trampoline Safety Pool noodles make a cheap and easy solution for covering trampoline springs… and keeps kids safe – and active. Remove Splinters Splinters happen during summertime, but you can remove them easier by using a paste of baking soda and water. Allow it to sit on the splinter for 5 minutes and help to push the splinter out of the skin for easier removal. Check your Yard for Poison Ivy Spring is the best time to remove poison …

10 Top Tips To Get Ready for Spring


Get ready for Spring with these 10 tips! Clear Those Nests! Now is the time to find and remove wasps’ nests from on and around your home… because this is the time of year when the colony is smaller and the wasps are less aggressive. Spice It Up! Take some time to clean out your spice cabinet. Throw away anything that is old, less potent or unusable and get ready for those fresh, spring flavors coming your way. Save Your Egg Cartons! Egg cartons make the best containers for growing your own seedlings… so you can have a head-start on …

Tip #4 from Hiker Mike


  Starting a campfire without a fire starter is harder than it looks. Here are some survival tips that are important to learn before heading out on a camping trip: Learn to locate a suitable camp site. Building a shelter. Starting a fire. Identifying edible plants. Navigating by day and by night. Find water and learn if it is safe to drink. Sending up a survival signal.

Tip #14 from Hiker Mike


Don’t get left in the dark on your next outdoor adventure. Here are some common things people forget when they head for the outdoors whether it’s to hike, camp or just have a family barbecue: Bug spray Sunscreen Lighter / matches A map Containers for left overs First aid kit Sunglasses Trash bags Rain gear

Tip #43 from Hiker Mike

Pizza Bear

Tip #43 From Hiker Mike: Don’t eat pizza in your tent. No, seriously, it could save your life! Here are a few more bear safety tips for your next hiking trip. Always have bear deterrent pepper spray in its holster ready for immediate use. Don’t bury it in your pack. If a grizzly makes contact with you, play dead. Curl up into a ball with your knees tucked into your stomach and your hands laced around the back of your neck. Leave your pack on to protect your back. If a black bear makes contact with you, fight back. Store your food …

Introducing Hiker Mike

Hiker Mike

We’d like to introduce you to our new buddy, Hiker Mike. He always has Sting-Kill, and the best intentions, but nothing else ever really seems to go his way. We encourage you to learn from his mistakes, and to laugh a little in the process. Here are some tips on how to stay safe around bees! Don’t wear perfumes or citrus after shaves. Bees are sensitive to odors and are more likely to come near you if they can smell your perfume. Wear light colors. Research has shown that bees tend to attack dark things. If you run into a …

Too good to be Salad


Okay, who doesn’t roll their eyes at the thought of a congealed salad, be honest. Visions of green Jello mold on a plate wiggling are the basis for many comics’ jokes.  But when does congealed salad become yummy, right now! The first time I had this recipe I was surprised how delightful it tasted. Light refreshing, sweet and fruity, perfect harmony for my taste buds. I have made this recipe with sugar free gelatin and low fat cream cheese and sour cream, you really can’t tell a difference and this has become a favorite with wrestlers “cutting” weight in our …

Sweet Potato Chips


Do you ever have those moments where just want something salty, but semi-healthy too? Well Sweet Potato Chips fit the bill for me. I am not saying anyone is losing weight eating these, but I do enjoy the “small” victory of not eating the whole bag of chips ! Cold, snowy days bring out the need for comfort food and baked goods for me. Shoveling the driveway was not my definition of comforting. The oven was calling my name, bake cookies, cake, or try something new. Well, I had a couple of sweet potatoes that needed to be used and …

St. Patty’s Day Corn Beef and Cabbage


Corn Beef & Cabbage is a traditional meal served on St. Partick’s Day in the U.S.  This year I’m adding my spin to this delicious dish and preparing it on the smoker.  Corn Beef actually doesn’t have anything to do with “corn”. The term comes from the type of salt used in the brining process.  These salt grains are as big as a piece of corn hence the name “corned beef”.  Brisket is the typical cut of beef used for this method.  It can be either the flat or point end.  I choose the flat portion because it’s more uniform …

Smoked Oyster Dip Recipe


Wine, roses and song, love is in the air. Yes, Valentines Day brings out the romantic in me, even after many years of marriage. Some of my happiest memories are watching my kids sporting events on Valentines Day with my husband. Basketball, ice hockey, wrestling, February 14th is fair game for scheduling games, and matches. I know it doesn’t sound romantic but sausage and peppers or hot dogs at the game can be romantic with the right attitude. Sometimes you just have to create your own special day. This Smoked Oyster Dip recipe, is wonderful for any occasion and can …

Stadium-Style Sausages


Ingredients 12  Bratwurst or Italian Sausages 2  Sweet Yellow Onions 2  Green Bell Peppers 24oz Beer 12 Brat Buns or Hard Rolls Directions Arrange sausages in a half-size aluminum pan. Quarter 1 of the onions and place in the pan.  Pour beer over the sausages and place on Med. Hot grill.  Simmer brats for 30min but don’t let it come to a boil.  Reduce heat if necessary. While the sausages are simmering, slice the green pepper and remaining onion into thin strips.  Season lightly with salt, black pepper, and garlic powder.  In a separate pan melt 2 TBS butter on …

Superbowl Nacho Recipe


Ingredients: 3lbs  Pulled Pork 1lb  Processed Cheese (Velvetta brand) 12oz can Rotel (tomatoes and green chilies) 8oz  cream cheese 1lb Hot breakfast sausage 18oz BBQ Sauce 4oz BBQ Dry Rub 1 jar sliced jalapenos 1 bag of Tortilla Chips Directions: Brown the sausage over medium heat and drain fat. Cut the Velvetta and cream cheese into small cubes and place in a crockpot.  Add the Rotel tomatoes, hot sausage and stir to combine.  Cover and set temperature on high for 1 hour.  Stir the cheese mixture often and once it has melted move the setting to warm. Arrange Tortilla chips …

Grilled Jalapeno Poppers


Grilled Jalapeno Poppers Ingredients: 2   12oz Sirloin Steaks cut into bite size chunks 1 dozen whole jalapeno peppers 1lb thin sliced bacon 8oz cream cheese 4oz Worcestershire Sauce 4oz Italian Dressing 2oz Soy Sauce 3 TBS BBQ dry rub Directions: Season the Sirloin chunks with Salt, Pepper, and Granulated Garlic on both sides; then place in a gallon size zip top storage bag. Next pour in Worcestershire, Soy Sauce, and Italian Dressing. Move the pieces of steak around so that everything is covered, and place the bag in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours. While the meat is marinating, split the …

Cream Cheese Pound Cake


New Year, new classic recipe to start off this year. Nothing beats a REAL pound cake, complete with butter, sugar, eggs, flour and vanilla extract. I made this classic cream cheese pound cake for dessert tonight and the question asked was “Why is it called pound cake?” Well, I thought it might be because it weighs a good pound or two when it is baked or could it be I weigh a good pound more after eating it! However, history states the name originated in Europe because you used one pound each of butter, sugar, flour and eggs. Now that would …