Bloom Where You’re Planted

“Bloom where you are planted”, how many times have we heard that advice?   It is a good one to live by!  I am a “Southerner” who moved to the Northeast 20 years ago. Several things are universal; meeting nice people and the “stinging” insects will find you no matter where you live. Sting-Kill takes care of the insect stings and these recipes will take the “sting” out of baking and cooking. They are fast and easy just what busy folks need, homemade goodies from the kitchen.

Whenever I need an appetizer or a side dish, this is my “go-to” recipe. Even the “I don’t like vegetables” friends will enjoy this dish. My family doesn’t like mushrooms, but they never complain because all the yummy blue cheese and cream cheese tastes are so outstanding. Beautiful presentation, easy and makes the kitchen smell fragrant. The hardest part is chopping the vegetables!

Vegetable Tart

Makes 2 Tarts

Preheat Oven to 450

Refrigerated Pre-Made Pie Crust Boxed ( room temperature )

2 Portobello Mushroom Caps chopped

1 Medium eggplant chopped

1 Medium zucchini chopped

2 shallots chopped

1 Red Pepper chopped

Lightly coat with Olive oil, salt & pepper to taste. Put in a 9 x13x2 or any shallow pan. Put in oven for 20 minutes, stir vegetables half-way through baking, the idea is to grill.

½ package of cream cheese

4 oz. Blue Cheese

1 Egg

Mix cheese together and add egg.

Flatten out the pie crust & spread ½ of cheese mixture in the center. Spread out, leaving a 2 inch border from the edge. Put ½ of vegetable mix on top of cheese mixture. Fold up edge of pie crust, but leave area in center where vegetables are showing. Repeat process for other tart.

Cook tarts at 350 in oven until golden, about 30 minutes but keep an eye on it.

Serve warm or not. To serve cut in wedges.

Most importantly, ENJOY!

About Michele (the Author)

Growing up in Vicksburg, MS, Michele experienced a wonderful culinary experience, from seafood to ethnic foods, Lebanese and Greek! Married to John, we have two sons who have kept me busy in the kitchen. Hence, my need for good, quick food. After taking a few cooking courses, I love the learning process with tips and recipes from friends and family members. I have contributed and help produce several cookbooks for volunteer organizations. My second love is gardening which plays into my love of cooking. Nothing is better than fresh herbs used in recipes. My favorite hobby is baking, and sampling the yummy treats, they go hand in hand. Which contributes to me still being an avid fast walker, love of the outdoors and gardening, and I still carry Sting-Kill with me everywhere!