Tip #4 from Hiker Mike

  Starting a campfire without a fire starter is harder than it looks. Here are some survival tips that are important to learn before heading out on a camping trip: Learn to locate a suitable camp site. Building a shelter. Starting a fire. Identifying edible plants. Navigating by day and by night. Find water and learn if it is safe to drink. Sending up a survival signal.

Tip #14 from Hiker Mike

Don’t get left in the dark on your next outdoor adventure. Here are some common things people forget when they head for the outdoors whether it’s to hike, camp or just have a family barbecue: Bug spray Sunscreen Lighter / matches A map Containers for left overs First aid kit Sunglasses Trash bags Rain gear

Tip #43 from Hiker Mike

Tip #43 From Hiker Mike: Don’t eat pizza in your tent. No, seriously, it could save your life! Here are a few more bear safety tips for your next hiking trip. Always have bear deterrent pepper spray in its holster ready for immediate use. Don’t bury it in your pack. If a grizzly makes contact with you, play dead. Curl up into a ball with your knees tucked into your stomach and your hands laced around the back of your neck. Leave your pack on to protect your back. If a black bear makes contact with you, fight back. Store your food …

Introducing Hiker Mike

We’d like to introduce you to our new buddy, Hiker Mike. He always has Sting-Kill, and the best intentions, but nothing else ever really seems to go his way. We encourage you to learn from his mistakes, and to laugh a little in the process. Here are some tips on how to stay safe around bees! Don’t wear perfumes or citrus after shaves. Bees are sensitive to odors and are more likely to come near you if they can smell your perfume. Wear light colors. Research has shown that bees tend to attack dark things. If you run into a …